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Frequently Asked Questions
Browse our FAQs for common inquiries about our merit based scholarships. However, please feel free to contact us if you need further details or specific information." Link the contact us page from here.


Do I have to be Scottish to apply?


No.  Although the Foundation is a Scottish Rite program, students do not have to be Scottish or of Scottish descent.


Are the awards based on financial needs?

No.  The Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington awards scholarships based on academic performance and extra-curricular activities.


Are there any other restrictions?

Check the eligibility requirements under the Scholarship Programs section. Note: Distance Learning and/or on-line classes will not be considered when determining your full-time status.


What are some of the criteria used for scoring?


One of the most important criteria is the Goal Statement. Students should be able to clearly express their education and career goals in 100 words, or less. Activities (school, community, church or other), awards received, education data such as grade points (minimum 3.0 GPA to qualify) and field experience are other areas used in scoring.


Where can I get more information and/or an application?

From the Director in your area (see Contact Us). Students attending school away from their home area may contact the Director in the area of the school.


How much are the awards?

Awards vary from year to year and are dependent on funds available.  See the Scholarship Programs section for current amounts.


When are the applications due?

Applications are due by March 31st prior to the academic year you are applying for.  For example, to apply for a scholarship for your junior year, your application is due no later than March 31st of your sophomore year.


How are the recipients selected?

See the How to Apply section.  There is an overview of the application process.


What if I am an entering Freshman or Sophomore?

Many Masonic organizations offer scholarships for students in their local communities. Contact the Scottish Rite Director in your area (see Contact Us) for assistance. Also, check out the National Opportunities page for more information.

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