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Distinguished Donors

Many of our generous members contribute to the Foundation through bequests and donations, fueling our mission to provide scholarships, grants, and fellowships. In lieu of flowers or other memorials, several members request donations be made to our Foundation. Our collective philosophy is that 'Learning is a lifetime experience.' Our members believe in the essential service we provide and invest their time, knowledge, and resources to enhance our impact. Your donation could further facilitate our work and make a significant difference to many lives.

The Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington is pleased to recognize the following individuals by awarding scholarships and fellowships in their name.

Shelton Fellow & Shelton Fellowships
William Michael Shelton was born in Ketchikan, Alaska in 1917 and became a Scottish Rite Mason in May of 1958. He served as Captain with Chevron Shipping for 42 years. An endowment left by him enables the Foundation to fund fellowships to students in Schools of Public Affairs as well as assist several undergraduate scholarship winners.

Blankinship Fellow
John (Jack) D. Blankinship was born in Portland, Oregon in April 1918. He was a life member of the Seattle Valley of Scottish Rite and very active in the Orient of Washington. He was a senior partner in a large Seattle law firm and served for many years as the Legal Counsel for the Scottish Rite Scholarship Foundation of Washington. His foresight also helped establish the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinics in Washington.

Barr Scholar
Charles Melville Barr was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1897 and became a Scottish Rite Mason in November 1952. He was a founder and past president of Structural Engineers of Washington. His bequest to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington provides for special recognition of a top applicant and is a very positive legacy.

Otto W. Rinderhagen was born in El Reno, Oklahoma in January 1899 and was a life member of the Seattle Valley of the Scottish Rite. He ran an automobile radiator repair shop in the Seattle area and always supported the importance of education. His bequest to the Foundation will help assure continued growth in the award of scholarships. His bequest to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington provides for special recognition of a top applicant and is a very positive legacy.

Wilson Scholar
Frank Wilson was born in Beattie, Kansas in February 1901. Frank and his wife moved to Bellingham in 1925 and operated a lily bulb farm in Whatcom County until 1976. He was very active in Masonic organizations, particularly in the Bellingham area for many years. His wife was also active in Eastern Star, both at the state and national levels. Their bequest to the Foundation is much appreciated and is instrumental in the increased awards for some undergraduate students.


Woodburn Scholar
Illustrious Brother Walter Woodburn, 33° IGH, was an active Mason, Scottish Rite Mason, and Shriner in the Seattle area. Our Brother Walter was integral to the early success of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington, serving as a Director for many years.

Walter M. and Wilda E. Woodburn

Walter and Wilda Woodburn had no children of their own; however, it was always their desire to assist with children's health and education. In following the wishes of their 1994 Trust Agreement, as all of the other named heirs were deceased, their estate was left to several local Masonic charities, including the Masonic Home, Shrine Hospital, and this Foundation devoted to post-secondary education.  Walter passed on in 1996, with Mrs. Woodburn joining him in 2003. Both Walter and Wilda remain fondly in remembrance by many of us, and the results of their work will remain with us for years to come.

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