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Scholarship Foundation Directors
The Foundation Directors dedicate their efforts each year to empower Washington state college students by assisting them in applying for scholarships, fellowships, and grants. Their thorough review and scoring of applications ensure every applicant receives fair consideration. Their ultimate aim is to determine deserving recipients for our scholarships, fellowships, and grants, reaffirming their commitment to providing every student with a fair chance at winning.


Kurt E Gazow, Director

Alex Bruner, Associate Director

G. Winton Smith, Immediate Past President


Micheal Cunningham, Director

Cameron Bailey, Director, Fraternal Relations

Donald M Watkins, Director Emeritus

Bob M Woolridge, Assistant Director


Mark Quenneville, President

Gale H Kenney, Director

Adam Creighton, Assistant Director

Todd Pike, Assistant Director

Richard Kovak, General Counsel


David I Daily, Director

Malcom (Mac) Parker, Director Emeritus


Daryl A Bullard, Director

Ron Graham, Director

Matthew Panattoni, Assistant Director


Brian S George, Director

Jorge Nolasco, Assistant Director

Bill Hubbard, Vice President, Finance

Scot P Sageser, Vice President, Development


David Husted, Director

Kalen Finn, Assistant Director


Andrew Rowley, Director

Bob Lambeth, Director Emeritus

Robert Lambeth Jr.,  Assistant Director

Roger Nelson, Vice President, Public Relations

Walla Walla

Paul H Schneidmiller, Director Emeritus


Joe M Towns, Director

Andre J Dewald, Assistant Director

John Mathers, Secretary

Warren R Schoeben, Orient Director of Membership


Brian S Morgan, Director

Kristofer Graap, Director Emeritus

Kyle Palmateer, Assistant Director


Alexander K Kaeka, Director

Sam W Trolinder, Director

Micheal S Rawls, Assistant Director


William "Buster" Carter, Director

Scott Looper, Director

Robert "Dale" Conley, Director Emeritus

Doug Fountain, Assistant Director

Aaron Simon, Vice President, Education

Patrick Stanton, Treasurer, CPA

To contact our Directors, please visit our Contact Us page and submit your question or request via the web form.
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