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Scholarship Application Process
To help you secure financial aid through our merit based scholarships, we provide a thorough application process
guide. We're committed to ensuring you have all the necessary information for a successful application submission.
For any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via our 'Contact Us' page.
Step 1. Create an online student profile


Go to the online application system (link below) and create a student profile. You will be asked to agree to meet eligibility requirements before creating the student profile.

Note:  Your personal information will only be used for the scholarship process.

Step 2. Meet with Director

Contact the Director from either your home or college area to schedule a time to discuss the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Note:  Meeting to be held in a public place (i.e., Starbucks, etc.).

Step 3. Complete the application


The Director will make the online application available for you to complete.  

Step 4. Submit the application


Once completed, submit your application for evaluation and scoring by the Foundation Directors.  The deadline for submission will be released soon!

Step 5. Applications are evaluated and scored


Your Director will review the application for completeness before forwarding it to the Scoring Committee.  In mid-April, the Scoring Committee reviews, scores, and ranks applications.

Step 6. Recipients are selected


In May, the Foundation Board of Directors meets to officially select scholarship award recipients. 

Step 7. Recipients are notified!


All recipients will receive an official letter from The Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington notifying them of their scholarship award.

Registration opens on November 1st and closes on March 31st

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